Fashion and sustainability

Unprecedented Competition in Fashion Industries

One of the most important basic necessities of man is clothing. Every human on Earth needs to put on clothes every day to cover their nakedness, both children and adults. This has made the production of clothes to keep increasing so as to meet the needs of man, and it has served as an advantage to humans as there are a lot of clothes are being produced every day. But one truth which we need to know is that the excess production of apparel has served as a threat to our planet Earth.

Factors that affects the planet because of the excess manufacturing of clothes.
Let us consider some factors that have made the excess production of clothes to become a big threat to the planet Earth, and how the problem can be solved.

  • It has been observed that while the production of clothes is on which has been estimated to be close to 90 Billion clothes in a year, a whole lot of natural resources gets wasted or is consumed. It has been discovered that the production of just a single T-shirt consumes about 2, 800 liters of water, and this has name room for harmful and toxic gasses. The more producers produce more clothes; the more consumers buy them. In fact, the rate at which clothes are being bought has increased to the extreme. The production of clothes is increasing day by day.
  • One problem we face is the way at which the clothes bought are being used. As the production of clothes increases, so do consumers also buy more. The more the consumers buy, the more the consumers dispose of the clothes. They do not believe in storing up clothes for themselves, but as soon as they purchase a new clothe or new clothes, they quickly do away with the clothing they had before purchasing the new one. If we take a look at the rate to which people dispose of their clothes, you will notice that it has grown so high in the last 15 years. The production and the disposal of clothes is not an encouraging cycle to our environment; this is one of the threats to the planet Earth. Some many of our clothes are made to be so cheap with the motive of using and disposing of it real quick, and these clothes are very toxic. So, the more we buy the clothes, the more we buy toxic wears and dispose of them on Earth.
  • When clothes are being disposed of regularly, it becomes a big problem because very harmful and toxic chemicals are being released to the air.

Market trends and the effects they have
The fashion industry as we know has to do with what's trending (latest trends). Consumers today have discovered various ways of buying, sharing, and also making researches on brands. Discoveries were made that many people today are so interested in fashion and they always desire to get the latest fashion and follow along as the fashion industry is growing. This has eventually made the manufacturers of clothes to keep manufacturing more so as to meet the needs of people. In some cases, most of the clothes that are manufactured might be so expensive, making it limited to some people who cannot actually afford it. These clothes then become difficult to leave the market because people will like to go for the cheaper ones. When this occurs, the rate at which the clothes are being produced should be reduced.

The rate at which clothes, textiles, shoes are being disposed of is rising day by day. As these textile related items are being disposed of to our land, they all decay on the ground. And as they decay, they result in more toxic and harmful gasses which becomes a threat to the planet.

How to reduce pollution and save the planet from harmful chemicals.
All these pollutions that affect the planet in a negative way can be conquered. To conquer the problem, fewer apparels have to be manufactured. Let us now talk about the things that can make the manufacturing of apparels to reduce.

Recycling can help to save the planet from toxic and harmful gasses. It has been discovered that most of all the clothes which consumers dispose and which the manufacturers and also marketers dump are still very okay to be worn. Rather than disposing of these clothes which can still be worn, they can be given as donations to some people who cannot afford to purchase some particular kind clothe.

These items that are being dumped can also be taken for recycling. So when they are being recycled and not thrown away to decay, it will reduce the production of more clothes, and also reduce the quantity or amount of toxic and harmful chemicals that result from the decaying of these textile related items.

Recycling of textile accessories is better and helpful than throwing them out either when the manufacturer or the consumer feels that the clothes are being worn out. One other thing that can be helpful in saving the planet is ensuring that the clothes which have been with you get a new apartment and owner instead of just leaving it on the spot, probably because people refused to buy it from the manufacturer or when the owner gets tired of it. The items can be resold or given as a donation as we mentioned earlier. It can also be offered as a gift to a dear friend. All these will reduce the rate at which clothes are being disposed, and it will also reduce the harmful chemicals that are being caused by it.

The importance of Artificial Intelligence.
One key factor that can help manufacturers to make more revenues and to manufacture fewer apparels is Artificial intelligence or what is commonly known as AI.

Manufacturers today find it so difficult in deciding to reduce the cost of their products as they keep manufacturing clothes that are of high quality. As technology continues to grow every day, many manufacturers have adapted to the use of Artificial Intelligence in their companies. Companies that make use of Artificial Intelligence have no regrets, rather, they have benefited a lot by this improved technology, and it is also helping them to make more revenues while manufacturing less so as to save the planet.

Artificial Intelligence 'Ai' analytics helps a lot in business. The AI plays a vital role in determining the reduction of costs no matter how high the quality might be. Artificial Intelligence is faster and better in making decisions. When Artificial Intelligence is introduced to a business like manufacturing clothes, it helps the manufacturer to quickly analyze informations and also analyze the data that is of a new source.

To summarize everything, Artificial Intelligence can help manufacturers to develop their business and manufacture fewer clothes. Even though the company manufactures fewer clothes than had in the past, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, they will make more money and revenues and most importantly, reduce the risk of disposing of too much textile accessories, causing harmful and toxic gasses or chemicals to spread when items begin to decay on the ground.

Our natural resources have also been affected as manufacturers make use of them to manufacture more clothes every day.

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